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Ann Pershing-Athlete Spotlight

September Athlete of the Mont

It’s BAAAACK!  Our Athlete of the Month has returned!

Congratulations to Ann Pershing on being our September Athlete of the Month!  Check out Ann’s interview below…

First of all I want to say how honored I am to be chosen Athlete of
the Month.  I literally had tears running down my cheeks when I read the
email.  Stockyard is such an amazing place where people are transformed
inside and out. Lindsey& Ryan – you are the miracle workers.

What’s your athletic/fitness background? I have
always worked out – swimming, running, weights, aerobics, spin….but
nothing hardcore and never an athlete.  Running a 5K was a big event for

What was your first Crossfit workout like and what did you think about it? It was the very first 6:00 am
class with Cheatham.  I don’t remember the workout, but I do remember
doing wall balls with a basketball.  When it was over, I never smelled
so bad but felt so good. I knew I would come back.

What’s been your biggest change since you started Crossfit? How
does this differ (if at all) from any previous fitness experiences in
your life? 
Consistency –  I have never been this consistent
this long with any other fitness program.  I love the variation – slow
increases over time.  I look forward to going to the gym.

What do you like about Stockyard Crossfit (or do you? Haha!) I love this place!  The coaches are amazing, the people are so encouraging and supportive… and the music ROCKS!

Why stockyard? (You felt obligated is not really a sufficient answer! Lol!)
My group of Masters Women- their support is priceless.  Also, I told
Lindsey I didn’t want anyone yelling at me and I didn’t want to puke –
she has honored both those requests!

How did you know you were hooked?   When I put the Stockyard sticker on my car – I had to earn the right to display that sticker.

What or who got you started in Crossfit or how did you learn about Crossfit? 
My husband belongs to another Crossfit gym. He was completely hooked on
it.  I saw not only what Crossfit did for his body but also it
benefited him mentally – he was much more confident and relaxed.

What is your most noted Crossfit/fitness accomplishment or achievement to date?  Completing the Murph in under  1 hour.

(I still can’t run!)

What’s your best advice you have ever received, as it relates to Crossfit or your life? Push yourself as hard as you can…but make sure you can work out tomorrow (don’t hurt yourself).

What’s in your gym bag? The usual – jump rope, knee
brace, lip balm, gloves, sweat rag.  I also carry a very special
bandana.  Years ago, when life had gotten the better of me, I went on a
rock climbing retreat.  On my last climb, our instructor challenged me
to climb blindfolded- so I did.  She blindfolded me with this bandana
and I climbed all the way to the top of the peak.  The experience can be
described in all the usual metaphors “pull yourself up and you will
find your footing”  “trust your instinct”  “reach for your next move”
“let people support you”.  But, the biggest lesson that bandana
represents for me is to be fearless.

What’s on your IPod? Love me some thumping Eminem, Snoop, etc… classic rock: Rolling Stones, Springsteen and Metallica!

What’s your favorite cheat meal? Mexican food with
plenty of cheese dip and  Jumbo Margaritas  OR  Waffle House cheesy eggs
and hashbrowns (usually the Waffle House comes after the night of

What motivates you? I turned 50 years old this
year…. and I feel like I am 35….like I am just hitting my stride.  I
want to stay physically active long into my retirement years.  I want to
inspire our 10 year old daughter to live her best life.

What’s your best piece of advice for folks new to Crossfit and/or Stockyard Crossfit?

Commit yourself to the first 90 days – don’t miss a workout no matter
how much you hurt.  Don’t worry about diet… Just get in there and
move.  You will be hooked!

Family?   My family is my living prayer.   Husband
Dave of 14 years and our daughter Gracie – 10 years old….. and 2 spoiled
rotten cats.

Role models? The best (badass) version of myself.

 Favorite book or movie?

Dead Poets Society – Carpe Diem!

Books are one of my passions –  I could never pick just one!

Favorite restaurant? Anywhere that the table includes my friends, family, music, good food, great drinks…. and laughter.

Here ya go, the mic is yours…anything else you wanna say? 
Please feel free to tell us anything more about yourself and/or your
crossfit experience that you would like to share!

Crossfit is a type of unhinged meditation for me – I have to think
about only one thing  – getting that bar off the floor and over my head.
 I can turn off the chatter…no thoughts of homework, email, work
schedule, grocery list…. I can just concentrate on one thing.  The ching
ching of the barbell is my mindfulness bell!

Thank you Stockyard family for helping me find my stride again – I am honored to be part of this amazing place!

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