A Confession From Your Coach. By: Lindsey Burnette

The CrossFit Open 15.3, week 3 with 2 lovely weeks to go.

Dave Castro tweeted a picture earlier today of a pool table, alluding to this week being a “ball buster” and ball buster it is.

Remember the email that I sent out to you guys last week? Yes, the
little pep talk reminding each of us that the Open is for “FUN?”  Yes,
that one.  Go quick, find it again in your inbox. Reread it. I’ll wait
here.  If you feel as if you might need that little pep talk again this
week, well you aren’t alone.  Want to know who might need the biggest
pep talk of the open yet? ME!

Pardon me while I digress…

My name is Lindsey.  I have a CrossFit problem.  Yes, you know me, I
know. On a daily basis I love what I do and I love working out and I
love each of you.  I love Stockyard and I believe wholeheartedly in what
we do. However, I must admit, I do not like the CrossFit Open.  Yes,
there…I said it.  Dave Castro milked it out of me and I finally said it
out for each of you to “hear.”  Each year I put on this front and rally
everyone to try my best to keep a positive attitude for each of you and
pretend that my own mental toughness doesn’t waiver from week to week. 
What each of you should know is that is does, my mental game needs
steroids…or better yet a quaalude.

In my moment of weakness I want to let you guys know how similar we
all are in this game.  Just like those of you who couldn’t get a score
in 15.1 because you didn’t have toes to bar, I will likely take a zero
on this open workout because I do not have muscle-ups.  Yes, here is
where you all should be thinking about how I said in that email I sent
“allow this to expose your weaknesses and show you what you need to work
on moving forward, let it inspire you to work harder and be better”
yada yada yada. The open exposed this weakness of mine FOUR YEARS AGO
and I sat tonight listening to the open announcement once again fearing
muscle-ups, while my jaw hit the floor when they revealed that 15.3 will
BEGIN with them.  It felt as if all of the oxygen was sucked out of the
room at that moment. I gave good ‘ole Dave Castro a virtual middle
finger, in a very theatrical Johnny Cash sort of fashion!

Think you needed a pep talk? Whoa! I NEED A PEP TALK!

I even received a few texts from you guys who know this about me,
knowing that I must be crushed.  Now, though I know better than for this
Open to get to me, I can’t deny that it does.  It brings out this nasty
monster in me each year that I can’t wait to put back to rest by the
end of each April. This year I will have to check myself double time,
you see I have never been in the top 60 in our region, ever, and I have
also never scored a zero on an Open workout since I began participating
four years ago.  All sorts of NEW this year in store. (cue insane
laughter!) Go ahead, ask me…ask me the obvious…”Why lindsey? Why are you
going in to your fourth year of not being able to do them?  Why can’t
you do them?  Why haven’t you dedicated your practice to learning this
skill?” Well, I don’t have an answer for you.  I truly don’t.  At
different times I have spent countless hours of time practicing them and
undoubtedly have driven those helping me (Ryan, Cheatham, Jen…and the
list goes on and on and on and on and on…) INSANE!  What I have
accomplished in all of that practice and hours of trying is learning how
to fail at them REALLY WELL!  As a matter of fact, I am an expert at
failing them.  I have nasty scars on my wrists to prove it, I will show
you.  I have watched every video on the entire world wide web, listened
to every coach, sent videos to Alec Smith, emails to Carl Paoli….all to
no avail. It has truthfully been frustrating for all of us! I laid my
practice to rest.  Not just once actually, I have laid my practice to
rest on several different occasions. In case you are wondering, “laid my
practice to rest,” can best be defined as QUIT. The fact is that I have
been complacent in not working on them because the practice and
subsequent failure has been misery. I decided to be perfectly fine with
not being able to do them.

Okay, I’m lying.  I’m not okay with it, let’s be honest.  It eats me up!

Last year, my goal in the workout with muscle ups was to get to them
the fastest in the region so that my time would at least save me…this
year won’t be so easy, as the workout begins with the damn things!  SO,
my point is…finally….I’ve got to try.  I will try.  You guys won’t see
it, trust me, you don’t want to witness my attempts…but you will all
know if I succeed.  Trying here is my only option.  Ryan and I have
spent the last few weeks building confidence in each one of you to try
things that you feared you might fail at and now it is my turn. 
Honestly, I am admitting to each of you here while my confidence is
wavering that I will promise to try so that I can be held accountable by
each one of you to practice what I preach.  I have stood beside many of
you while you have gotten personal records in these workouts and I was
so happy that you got them, but perhaps more importantly I was proud
that you tried.  Ultimately the CrossFit Open will challenge me once
again, and perhaps that is what is good about it.  I accept the
challenge, I guess. Reluctantly. However, I do nonetheless.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

-Winston Churchill

Hold me to it.  I too, remain vulnerable.

For each of you, good luck to you!  We will be scaling the workouts
as we have in the previous weeks for those of us who don’t have the
skills down pat.  You will once again earn points for your teams for
your participation.  For those of you who are close to muscle-ups, I
hope you get one!  I am in your corner.  Let’s make it another good

All of my very best,

Lindsey C. Burnette

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